Genetic Background:

TePe, crafted by Doma Nunzio of Magic Myco, is an innovative hybrid that merges the formidable qualities of Tidal Wave and Penis Envy, two of the most potent strains in the psychedelic community. This strain is continuously evolving, offering a chance to discover unique albino mutations due to its dynamic genetic nature.


TePe mushrooms are known for their impressive potency, combining the robust psychoactive properties of both parent strains. Users can expect a profound psychedelic experience with deep introspective journeys and vibrant visual effects.

Growth Characteristics:

TePe excels in cultivation, showing rapid, rhizomorphic mycelial growth and producing full canopies of enormous fruits. Its resilience and the heavy spore loads make it an intriguing choice for cultivators looking for a strain that is not only potent but also visually impressive and prolific.


This strain displays a stunning array of morphologies, often presenting a stunning visual appeal, characterized by their robust and hearty structure. The caps are a vibrant golden color with a subtle pale hue, often showing ripples along their edges that enhance their ghostly and ethereal aesthetic. The stems are thick and fleshy, showcasing a creamy white color that contrasts beautifully with the caps. 

Historical Significance:

Developed by a renowned figure in the mycological community, TePe stands as a testament to the ongoing exploration and innovation within psychedelic mushroom breeding. It symbolizes the cutting-edge of genetic experimentation in Psilocybe cubensis strains.

Legal Disclaimer:

TePe spores are intended solely for use in microscopic study, educational purposes, or research. The cultivation and possession of Psilocybe cubensis mushrooms are regulated in many countries. Please check your local regulations before obtaining these spores.

Experience the Enigma of TePe:

With its unique lineage and remarkable potency, TePe is not just a mushroom but a journey into the depths of psychedelic exploration. It’s an invitation to both seasoned psychonauts and curious newcomers to explore the profound effects and cultivation potential of this exceptional hybrid strain. Discover the powerful synergy of its heritage and maybe even uncover rare albino forms as you delve into the world of TePe.

  • Colonization Very Fast
  • Harvest Very Big
  • Resistance Big
  • Strength Strong
  • Incubation 21-24 oC
  • Fruiting 19-24 oC
  • Experience Begginer


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