Genetic Background:

Avery’s Albino is a true albino mutation stemming from the Cambodian Psilocybe cubensis, characterized by its complete lack of pigment across the entire fruiting body. This genetic marvel is not only a visual delight but also encapsulates the rich mycological heritage of its Cambodian origins, promising a unique psychedelic experience.


While Avery’s Albino stands out for its mellow and creatively inspiring high, it maintains an average potency level akin to other cubensis strains. Its effects are known for fostering sociable gatherings, laughter, and deep introspective sessions, making it a versatile choice for both newcomers to psychedelics and seasoned trippers alike.

Growth Characteristics:

Avery’s Albino cultivating process is relatively easy, making it perfect for both experienced and new growers. Thriving in warm conditions reminiscent of its Cambodian roots, this strain exhibits rapid colonization and a swift growth cycle, reaching maturity in as little as 25 days. Its ease of growth and impressive resilience make Avery’s Albino a gratifying addition to any cultivator’s collection.


The stunning white appearance of Avery’s Albino sets it apart as a true albino strain, with even its spores lacking pigment. Compact yet robust, these mushrooms feature thick caps and stems, with blue bruising indicative of their high psilocybin content when handled or damaged. This striking visual quality, combined with its potent effects, makes Avery’s Albino a highly sought-after variety.

Historical Significance:

Avery’s Albino is a testament to the dynamic and evolving world of psychedelic mushrooms. Its recent introduction and subsequent rise to prominence reflect the ongoing fascination and appreciation for unique and powerful strains within the psychonaut community. Isolated and cultivated from the Cambodian Psilocybe cubensis, Avery’s Albino carries forward the legacy of its origins, offering a glimpse into the magical and mystical world of fungi.

Legal Disclaimer:

Avery’s Albino magic mushroom spores are offered strictly for educational, research, and identification purposes. We urge our customers to familiarize themselves with and adhere to all local laws and regulations regarding the possession and potential cultivation of psilocybin spores.

Discover the Elegance of Avery’s Albino:

Embark on a journey with Avery’s Albino and experience its snow-white beauty and the depth of its psychedelic gifts. Whether you seek to explore the realms of creativity, enjoy the camaraderie of friends, or delve into personal introspection, Avery’s Albino promises a journey filled with wonder, enlightenment, and transformation.

  • Colonization Very Fast
  • Harvest
  • Resistance Big
  • Strength Strong
  • Incubation 21-24 oC
  • Fruiting 19-24 oC
  • Experience


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