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Expire dates on syringes

Every syringe with normal postage got expire dates for examples 0822 that mean they we advice to use syringe to the end of 08 month. They should be good way longer but this is the time we advice to use them. For long storage please shake them every 1/2 weeks as we see that lack of oxygen( when not shaken regularly shorten the life span ). If shaken properly the syringes should be good way longer than expire date. We have tested and if properly maintain and keep around 4 degrees Celsius the syringes were good up to 6 months. Super discreet version got expire date of tooth whitening that is applied for the batch in the same manner.

No names on syringes

If You have chosen super discreet postage the names are hidden under QR code. They are initials of the strains hidden under the code for example GT - Golden Teacher, JF- Jack Frost. To read the QR codes we use application : qr reader.

Is the package shipped discreetly?

Yes, there is no reference to our company name (magic mushrooms shop) or to the products you ordered on the outside of the package. No invoice is included in the package.

Covid postage

Please be patient with the postage services depend on Your country's covid situation. These are hard times for both of us to understand that we do everything we can to make this process smooth.

If You really need Your study material fast please contact us for fast postage quotes.

Can you help me identify a wild mushroom?

No. Please join your local mycological society for identification practice. As a long-time member can help You out.

We highly recommend you join your local club. Never eat any mushrooms that look similar!

Cultivation question

Please don't ask for cultivation advice! These items are strictly for microscopic use and collection purposes only.

If You need more advice on how to study your cultures follow mushinstructor on Instagram.


Any Spores listed or sold on our site are for MICROSCOPY RESEARCH PURPOSES ONLY.

Always follow all laws set forth by your country. We take no responsibility if anything from this site is used in any fashion that can be considered illegal.

Paying in Cryptocurrency 10 off

Scan the QR code on our site with your mobile wallet. If you scan the QR code it will always send the correct amount.

We promote all crypto paments ! Every crypto payment gets 10% off !!

How do I know when my order has been shipped?

After we have processed your order, you will receive an email with tracking information. BE SURE TO ENTER YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS CORRECTLY. BAD ADDRESSES WILL NOT RECEIVE TRACKING INFORMATION. Most orders are typically sent out within 2-5 business days.

My payment has been sent, how do I know you have received it?

You will receive an email with your order number once it has been processed. You will receive more information on this in your email upon placing an order. 

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