About us

Hi there,

I’m Bogu—the passionate mind behind the genetic wonders here. With over a decade deeply rooted in mycology, I’ve mastered the craft to deliver nothing but the finest mushroom genetics straight to you.

Each strain you discover here isn’t just any old find—it’s been carefully nurtured and developed by me, ensuring freshness and potency. But here’s the kicker: unlike some others out there, my genetics haven’t been passed around countless times. That means you’re getting the freshest, most vibrant strains available for your study performance, right at your fingertips.

What’s my secret? Well, I’ve developed an innovative substance called PEX™. It’s a game-changer, working against all commonly encountered airborne contaminants of mushroom culture. Plus, every batch is strictly tested on grains to ensure rapid growth.

But that’s not all—each syringe comes with quality check QR codes, so you can trust in the reliability of my products. PEX™ also reduces the need for costly and elaborate facilities and equipment for environmental contaminant control.

Your support fuels my dedication to providing you with the very best. Don’t worry about taking a loss with Magicspore. Any issue will be promptly replaced with photo evidence. I have under 1% of damaged parcels due to transportation. Like no one else, I keep track of every syringe I produce using QR codes.

Together, we’re reshaping the landscape of mushroom genetics and making top-tier strains accessible to all.



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