Tidal wave magic mushrooms Genetic Background:

The Tidal Wave strain, an inventive creation by Doma Nunzio of Magic Myco, stands as a testament to the art of mycological hybridization. Born from the union of the notorious Penis Envy and the versatile B+ strains in 2017, Tidal Wave represents the pinnacle of spore breeding projects.


This strain is celebrated for its high concentrations of psychoactive compounds, making it one of the most potent options available. Its genetic lineage, deriving from the Penis Envy and B+ strains, contributes to its significant psychoactive effects, ensuring a profound experience for users.

Growth Characteristics:

Tidal Wave is characterized by its resilience and ease of cultivation, making it a favorable choice for both novice and experienced growers. This strain exhibits a fast fruiting cycle and is notably resistant to contaminants, which contributes to its popularity among cultivators.


Tidal Wave mushrooms exhibit a fascinating array of appearances due to their hybrid nature. Growers can anticipate a mesmerizing canopy featuring gold caps, stalks that extend from 150 to 200mm, displaying a spectrum of beige to yellow hues that bruise to a blue or greenish-blue.

Historical Significance:

Tidal Wave is recognized not just for its strength but also for its contribution to the diversification of the Psilocybe cubensis species. The strain’s development marks a significant milestone in the exploration of psychedelic mushroom genetics.

Legal Disclaimer:

We provide spores for educational, research, and identification purposes only. Please be aware of your local laws and regulations. We do not endorse illegal activities.

Embark on the Tidal Wave Journey:

For the mycologist seeking unparalleled potency and genetic diversity, Tidal Wave offers an extraordinary voyage into the depths of psychedelic mycology. Discover the rich tapestry of its genetic heritage, potent effects, and visual marvels as you add this exceptional strain to your collection.

  • Colonization Very Fast
  • Harvest Very Big
  • Resistance Very Big
  • Strength Very Strong
  • Incubation 21-24 oC
  • Fruiting 22-25oC
  • Experience Begginer


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