Genetic Background:

Penis Envy 121 is a meticulously isolated variant of the eminent Penis Envy strain, itself a mutation from the Amazonian Cubensis. Developed through selective breeding to enhance certain qualities, PE 121 maintains the iconic phallic shape and robust potency that Penis Envy is famous for. This isolation brings consistency to the strain, ensuring a reliable experience for cultivators and psychonauts alike.


Inheriting the powerful genetic makeup of its parent strain, Penis Envy 121 produces mushrooms with a rich concentration of psilocybin. Users can expect a potent and immersive psychedelic journey, characterized by vivid visual enhancements and profound emotional and philosophical insights. This strain is tailored for those seeking a deep dive into their psyche, offering an intense experience reminiscent of the original Penis Envy.

Growth Characteristics:

Penis Envy 121 showcases strong growth characteristics, producing dense clusters of mushrooms that are a testament to its genetic quality. While maintaining the slow growth rate and high humidity requirements typical of the Penis Envy lineage, this isolation proves to be a rewarding challenge for cultivators with some experience under their belt. With proper care, a full tube of dense, sizable fruits is a common outcome, making PE 121 a valuable addition to any mycological collection.


The mushrooms of Penis Envy 121 are notable for their sizeable caps and dense, textured stems that resemble little logs, closely mirroring the classic Penis Envy appearance. This strain’s true beauty lies in its capacity to produce visually stunning and potent fruiting bodies.

Historical Significance:

As an isolation of Penis Envy, PE 121 carries forward the legacy of Terence McKenna’s pioneering work in the field of psychedelics. It represents a continuing evolution in the quest to explore and understand the vast potential of psilocybin mushrooms for consciousness expansion and self-discovery.

Legal Disclaimer:

Penis Envy 121 spores are intended solely for use in microscopic research and educational applications. Cultivation and possession of psilocybin mushrooms are subject to legal restrictions in many areas. Please ensure you are fully informed of and compliant with local laws and regulations before procuring these spores.

Embark on a Legendary Journey with Penis Envy 121:

For enthusiasts eager to push the boundaries of their psychedelic exploration, Penis Envy 121 offers a unique opportunity. With its blend of visual appeal, potent effects, and rich historical roots, this strain invites you on a journey to uncover the deeper layers of your consciousness. Explore the mysteries of the mind with Penis Envy 121, and add a piece of psychedelic history to your collection.

  • Colonization Very Fast
  • Harvest Very Big
  • Resistance Big
  • Strength Strong
  • Incubation 21-24 oC
  • Fruiting 24-25oC
  • Experience Begginer


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