Genetic Background:

Melmac 116 is rare isolation of the original Melmac strain, itself a variant of the famous Penis Envy mushrooms. This isolation has been meticulously cultivated to enhance its unique characteristics, resulting in a strain that stands out for its ability to produce incredibly large fruiting bodies. The genetic rarity and exceptional quality of Melmac 116 make it a highly sought-after strain among connoisseurs and cultivators alike.


Inheriting the potent legacy of its parent strains, Melmac 116 boasts a high concentration of psilocybin, ensuring a deeply profound psychedelic experience. Users can anticipate intense visual and emotional effects, marked by a significant alteration in perception, time, and a deep sense of connection with the universe. The extraordinary potency of Melmac 116 makes it ideal for those seeking a transformative journey.

Growth Characteristics:

What sets Melmac 116 apart is its remarkable ability to produce enormous fruits, ranging between 100-300g each. This trait not only makes it a marvel of genetic isolation but also a valuable strain for cultivation, offering an impressive yield. Cultivators will find that Melmac 116 requires careful attention to environmental conditions to reach its full potential, thriving in settings that mimic its subtropical origins with precise humidity, temperature, and substrate quality control.


The fruiting bodies of Melmac 116 are a sight to behold, with their massive size and characteristic contorted stems and wavy caps. The physical features of this strain are a testament to the selective breeding that has emphasized its most distinctive traits. The mushrooms exhibit the classic blue bruising upon handling, a telltale sign of their high psilocybin content.

Historical Significance:

Melmac 116 carries forward the legacy of the original Melmac strain, itself steeped in the lore of psychedelic culture and mycological innovation. The rarity and exceptional qualities of Melmac 116 contribute to its mystique, making it a prized possession for those passionate about the exploration of consciousness and the limits of human perception.

Legal Disclaimer:

Melmac 116 magic mushroom spores are intended for educational, research, and identification purposes only. The cultivation and possession of psilocybin mushrooms are regulated by law in many jurisdictions. We encourage you to understand and abide by all local laws and regulations.

Explore wonders of Melmac 116:

For the dedicated psychonaut and mycologist, Melmac 116 offers an opportunity to engage with one of the most extraordinary strains in the psychedelic mushroom world. Its impressive size, potent effects, and rare genetics make Melmac 116 a must-have for those seeking to deepen their understanding and experience of the profound mysteries that psilocybin mushrooms can reveal.

  • Colonization Normal
  • Harvest Big
  • Resistance Big
  • Strength Strong
  • Incubation 21-24 oC
  • Fruiting 19-24 oC
  • Experience intermediate


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